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Welcome to the Virtual Wonderland Project.

This new technology gives you the feeling of actually being in the room without leaving the comfort of your chair. It can be used to convert panoramic images into an intuitive, immersive environment.


Click on a scene below, then after the next page loads, move your mouse to the center of the screen to stop the auto-scrolling effect. By moving the mouse slightly to the left or right side of the image, it can be panned at varying rates of speed - the closer to the edge, the faster the pan.

When the mouse changes into a "hand", click it to move in that direction in the scene.

If the next page does not load, you may need the latest Java VM plug in from Microsoft or Sun. Click here to go to Microsoft's Windows update web site.


Try out the Virtual Wonderland exerience in one of the following demos:

Virtual Wonderland Tour Home walkthrough filmed with digital camera: (better images, but requires Cable/DSL)

Virtual Wonderland Tour Home walkthrough filmed with video camera: (faster loading, but coarser images)

Virtual Wonderland Tour Simple scene filmed with video camera:

Custom software tools were developed to quickly capture and index the panoramic images. Contact us for more information on how to obtain these for your own projects.
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