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Quantos Software builds internet applications that allow you to get the maximum benefits from new technology.

Our products can be used both off-the-shelf (in a COTS mode) and can be customized for your unique requirements. For more information, please contact us at: info@quantos.com.



Federal Retirement Calculators

How soon can you retire? These annuity calculators make it easy to find out how much you plan to receive monthly when you choose to make that big lifestyle change! The calculators include the complex formulas for high-3, CSRS, FERS, FIGLI, Social Security, and TSP estimates in a friendly, wizard-like series of interview forms.

Virtual Wonderland

A virtual tour environment which combines panoramic photography with navigational nodes in a scene to allow a "walk-through" using real video images. High performance is achieved via a custom on-demand scene loader database.

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